Shane Klein was first introduced to photography at the early age of eight by experimenting with his grandmother’s camera in North Dakota. Raised on a farm, he found interest photographing in the details of still life around him; however, he also grew interest in fashion brands such as Tommy Hillfiger, Polo, Lucky, and Calvin Klein. In 2008, Shane completed his Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Shortly after graduating, he decided to change his career path to photography.

Upon attending a few local photography classes in 2008, Shane continued to pursue his associate’s degree in photography at the Academy of Art San Francisco via distance learning in 2009, while freelancing in North Dakota. Upon moving to Dallas in 2010, he was introduced to the specialty of fashion photography at the Art Institute of Dallas.

Currently, Shane Klein conducts test shoots for Dallas’ large modeling agencies such as The Campbell Agency, Page Parkes Management, and Kim Dawson Agency. Shane expects to finish his associate studies at Art Institute of Dallas in the summer of 2012 and will pursue a bachelor’s degree at Academy of Art San Francisco.


As a fashion photographer, Shane Klein focuses on truly selling his client’s product. He draws the potential buyer into the product with his unique stories, color choices, lighting and visual acuity to make the buyer want more.

Shane’s images are known for their visual clarity of both the background and foreground to create a stronger visual impact. Shane takes the vision of his client and brings it to life by accentuating the product’s best features and using his own creative art direction.

Shane’s inspirations in fashion photography are commercial giants such as Richard Avedon and Mario Testino as well as current fashion trends from Vogue, Haarper’s Baazar, W Magazine, Zink, and Culture Magazine.


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